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Life without beauty is life half-lived.

Drawing is one of the fundamental processes in art making. It trains our eyes, hands and our ways of seeing. It helps us visualize ideas, in both quick sketches and detail presentations. It is a direct, personal and sometimes spontaneous way of artistic expression. In a deeper level, it is a mean to explore our inner feelings or subconscious emotions.

Watercolour is itself a unique art form as well as a basic training for oil painting and other artistic techniques. It is a good practice in visual perception -- shapes, forms, surface texture and, most of all, colour theory.
The process is enjoyable and rewarding.

Illustration, besides its commercial value, has been recognized as a unique art form. Numerous awards have been granted by the Arts Councils, private foundations and not-for-profit organizations. Locally and globally, the illustration market has been expanding. The demand for illustrators in children books, advertising and magazines is growing strong.

Whether you are making art just for leisure, or wanting to be a serious artist, please check out these new art and illustration courses for this fall and winter. These lessons are conducted in small groups, in a comfortable and intimate setting for personal attention and maximum interaction.

Toronto, 2005

Artwork by Aries cheung © Pastel on paper, 9" x 12"