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Zodiac coin series available at the Canadian Royal Mint
Book cover illustration for Coteau Books, 2010.

Some of my illustrated picture books:

  • Bonsai Bear, Illumination Arts
  • Wings of Change, Illumination Arts
  • That Curly-Haired Girl, Lobster Press
  • Island of Hope and Sorrow, Lobster Press
  • Pier 21, Lobster press
  • I Have Been In Danger, Coteau Books
  • Phantom Queen, Coteau Books
  • Water of Possibility, Coteau Books

Some of my illustrated book covers:

  • Ice Storm, Coteau Books
  • A Terrible Roar of Water, Coteau Books
  • Dinosaur Hideout, Coteau Books
  • Dinosaur Breakout, Coteau Books
  • Dinosaur Stakeout, Coteau Books